Zhenspace is a division of Yzhensiang Photography based in Penang, Malaysia which specializes in photographing architecture. Zhenspace is founded by Mr. Yang Zhen Siang which aims to deliver a bespoke curated set of photographs that realises the vision of interior design and architecture projects through holistic approach.

Despite coming from a background of Bachelor in Finance and Investment, his passion for photography has been keeping him motivated to build his own name in the photography industry. Since year 2014, he has been consistently obtaining awards in photography competition, and clearly he is no stranger when it comes to photographing and showcasing Penang through his eye. Ranging from personal to clientele projects, he strives to deliver his unique vision through his set of images that is not only visually pleasing but also hit a note emotionally.

Being well versed in the field, he deeply believes that a successful set of architecture photographs should narrate the interaction between human, nature, and space itself. His passion and mild obsession towards architectural and design has contributed to the unique approach that he has been formulating throughout the years of photographing architecture. 


Yzhensiang Photography (PG-0445296X)

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